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DoneDeal Subscription Packages

Our upgraded subscription packages, which we built in collaboration with our dealer partners, aim to help you exceed your sales goals and grow your brand.


 From core features, essential to managing your business, to innovative solutions that will promote your dealership, we have included the professional tools you need to drive leads and bring your dealership to the next level.

Contact us today to find out how you can leverage the power of our

dealer packages.

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Cruise Subscription Package

Our Cruise Subscription Package is our base level package for car dealerships.

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Accelerator Subscription Package

Our Accelerator Subscription Package is our mid-level package for car dealerships.

Ultimate Subscription Package

Our Ultimate Subscription Package is our high-level package for car dealerships.

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Start your journey on DoneDeal with our Dealer Packages today.

If you are interested in exploring our dealer packages, please get in touch.

We look forward to working with your business to exceed your sales targets and grow your brand.

Other Products

Other Products

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Targeted Display

Connect with your audience as they browse, shop, discover and buy on DoneDeal.

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Trusted Dealer

The DoneDeal Trusted Dealer Programme celebrates exceptional dealers by displaying a trust... 

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Featured Car Recommendations

Featured Car Recommendations will recommend and promote similar ads from your dealership... 

Discover how we can help your business

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