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DoneDeal Trusted Dealer

The DoneDeal Trusted Dealer Programme celebrates exceptional dealers by displaying a trust badge on their stock, signifying that they are a dealership where people can buy with confidence.


Find out if you qualify for the programme today.

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Who Qualifies for the Trusted Dealer Programme

Dealers become eligible for this programme by having warranty and history checks on their stock, displaying their Google reviews and being an established business, amongst other criteria.

Our Trusted Dealer programme celebrates exceptional dealerships that meet a number of criteria, including:

Frame 1508.png
Frame 1509.png
Frame 1512.png
Frame 1511.png

Stand out from the crowd and indicate that your dealership is a place where users can buy with confidence.

You will have this badge on: 

  • Car Search Page

  • Car Details Page

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What does it do for your business?

Discover how you can become a Trusted Dealer

If you want to distinguish your dealership as a place where car buyers can buy with confidence, please get in touch.

We look forward to working with you on your journey to becoming a Trusted Dealer.

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