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Car Financing Now Available

In partnership with

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Why DoneDeal Car Finance?

279,000 Leads to

Dealer Partners in 2019*

52% Increase in Dealer enquiries in 2019*

Over 200,000 daily users on DoneDeal motor

*151 - 192 stock profile

What are we doing?

Buyers can apply for finance

Monthly repayments show on cars

Why are we doing this?

How people buy cars is evolving. At DoneDeal and Bank of Ireland Finance, we’re innovating to help our dealers grow their businesses too.


Benefits for your Dealership


Get Notified

Get notified when a customer applies for finance with Bank of Ireland for one of your cars.


Differentiate Yourself

Stand out from dealers that don’t offer finance. Provide a car finance application that is quick and easy for your customers.


Higher Convertion

Close the sale quicker. Approved customer are coming in ready to buy.


Time Saved

Your customer will know if they can get finance for your cars before they come to your forecourt.


What’s the process and what do I need to do?


Step 1

Customer looking at car on DoneDeal and applies for finance.


Step 2

DoneDeal wil present applications directly into your BIF Drive database for follow up by your sales team.

    2A. BIF update application as normal with approved status


Step 3

Sales Team call the applicant to make an appointment. 


Step 4

Dealer shows the car, finalises the loan paperwork and closes the sale. 


Happy customer drives away.

Do I still get paid commission by Bank of Ireland Finance?

Yes, in the same way you do today.

Are there any criteria I need to meet?

1. You must be entering the reg for the car you are selling into DoneDeal

2. The car must be no more than 7 years old

3. The finance applications will only appear if you put a price on the car (min. €7,778)

How do I sign up?

Existing DoneDeal Partners 

If you are already partnered with DoneDeal & Bank of Ireland Finance, you automatically benefit from this partnership at no extra cost. The solution went live on Tuesday, 5th November.

Not working with DoneDeal?

If you are currently not partnered with DoneDeal, you will need to book a monthly subscription to advertise your stock listings. Please email to register your interest. 


DoneDeal will have one of their dedicated Motor Account Managers contact you directly to discuss the subscription options to meet with your advertising budget planning. 


Do you have any further enquiries? Get in touch with us on DoneDeal


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