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Pricing Indicator on DealerHub

DoneDeal’s Pricing Indicator helps dealerships price their cars on DealerHub by showing how your price compares to actual market prices.


Our Pricing Indicator empowers dealerships to price their stock with confidence and make better business decisions.

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How does the Pricing Indicator work?

DoneDeal’s Pricing Indicator on DealerHub empowers dealerships to confidently price their cars by comparing them to market prices, utilising extensive data and a statistical model developed with our economist partner, Dr. Tom Gillespie.


Conveniently located under the price section in My Ads, it provides indicators such as Above Average, Below Average or Same as Market, enabling quick price adjustments for enhanced profitability and efficiency.

What is assessed within our valuations?

We use data from thousands of vehicles to work out a car’s current market price.

Price indicator.png
  • Make

  • Model

  • Trim

  • Age

  • Mileage

  • Fuel type

  • Body type

  • Transmission

  • Engine size

  • No. of owners

  • Current market

  • Condition

  • Colour

  • Location

  • Service history

  • Optional fitted features

Factors that do not impact our Pricing Indicator

Factors that impact our Pricing Indicator

How to use the Pricing Indicator.

​Unlock the potential of DoneDeal’s Pricing Indicator, conveniently situated under the price section in My Ads.

Explore the different indicators tailored for cars:

Above Average:

This indicates that the price of the vehicle exceeds that of most comparable cars. While it may be more expensive, it could offer additional benefits or features.


Below Average:

Priced significantly lower than other similar cars in the market, this indicator suggests an opportunity for a competitive edge in pricing.


Same as Market:

Positioned very closely to the prevailing market prices, ensuring a fair and competitive pricing strategy.


No Data Found:

Instances where we do not have any relevant pricing data to display.

Clicking into the indicator empowers you to swiftly update the price, enabling you to maximise margins or expedite sales with ease. Harness the power of DoneDeal’s Pricing Indicator today and optimise your pricing strategy for enhanced profitability and efficiency.

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