Introducing Cashless Payments on your vehicles

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Dealer Cashless Payments



Want to easily turn on click & collect or deal and deliver today?

Contactless Payments

Accept cashless payments today online via DoneDeal's Stripe Payment option. 

This allows customers to pay before collecting their car or allows you to 

offer home delivery.

Easy to setup

Simply visit your DealerHub Account and hit connect with Stripe, our payments partner. Signing up only takes 5 minutes and deposits will be made directly to your bank account

How much does it cost?

When you sell, it’s just 2% of the transaction value in Cars & Motor plus a 30c fixed fee (inc. VAT)

*Non-European cards are 3.8% of the transaction value

in Cars & Motor plus 30c fixed fee

Check out how to switch on Stripe Payments

Step 1: Connect with Stripe

The “Connect with Stripe” button is now available when Placing an ad or visiting the MyAccount section of the Dealer Hub. You can connect as a new or existing Stripe user.

(You will need to provide your Bank Details for this step)

Step 2: Select Accept Card Payments

When placing your next ad, select "Accept Card Payments" on your vehicle, then you can also add the delivery cost or choose delivery not available. The buyer can also choose to make alternative arrangements with you.

Step 3: Sell your Car

Your ads will now display a "Buy Now" button for your customers to click and pay for the car online. You will get a notification to let you know that someone has purchased the vehicle. Now is the time to prepare for delivery or collection. The money will be transferred into your bank account via Stripe in the days following payment.


We'll keep adding to this section so please share your feedback to and we can get common answers included here. 

How much does this cost?

Stripe Fees for our Trusted Dealers are 2% +30c per transaction including VAT in Cars & Motor

Still have a few more questions?

Email us and our team will be happy to help. They are not just expert, they are sound. 


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